st. Luke's men's ministry

Men's Fellowship

One of the essentials of having a strong and capable church experience lies in the ministry of faithful men.  We have been fortunate for the last decade plus to have had an active, caring, faithful Men's Fellowship. 


men's fellowship

Our men meet monthly (normally the fourth Saturday at 8:00 am).  At that time they share a breakfast meal, share a relevant devotional, and plan what actions are necessary to fulfill our church's missional needs.  These actions range from clearing outside debris and leaves, assisting an elderly person or widow with their household or yard needs, put together flood buckets and other items for disaster-stricken people in other parts of our state or nation, to planning how we can be ready, as a church, to respond to local disasters.

st. luke's men's fellowship

Two of the greatest events the men do each year are:

1)  Provide breakfast for the church on Easter morning after the Sunrise Service.

2)  They also provide for a Women's Christmas Breakfast, usually the second Saturday of December.

The men's fellowship group also likes to take trips.  Most recently they have gone to the D-Day Veterans Memorial site in Bedford, Virginia and to the Tank Museum of Danville, Virginia.