Prayer RequestS

We keep a running "Prayer List" that is updated on a weekly basis.  This list comes from the requests that are voiced in Sunday School and Church.  Our Membership Secretary emails out a list and we make it available in the entrance of our church.  

We do a church-wide call out when there is a critical concern that we become aware of in-between Sundays.

We have a small prayer team that prays weekly for our prayer list and other concerns.

And now, through our Website, we invite you to make us aware of any prayer requests that you have.  Be sure to choose the options below on how you wish us to share or view your concerns.

Please use the form below to provide us with your prayer request(s).

St. Luke's Prayer Ministry

We want everyone to know that our church wants to uplift those who desire prayer.  


We need to pray for Israel and the innocent victims of this war.


My Son's upcoming wedding


Prayers for continuing health concerns due to the stroke .


Rober Bowman


Morelle (Eugene's Sister)