st. luke's missionaries

allan knowles

Allan grew up in a large family in a rough neighborhood.  He became rebellious after the death of his father at a young age but found the Lord drawing him in an unmistakable way.  He began preaching on street corners by the time he was 16 but was only imitating untrained preachers he was hearing and feared people asking questions he felt he didn't have the answers to.  His desire to learn and call to preach was so strong that he received the chance to go to a Bible Institute at 24 years old.  He was exposed to the African Leadership Training material in the early 1990's and recognized it as a way to equip people like him who come from communities with weak churches and doctrine.  Today, Allan pastors a church and oversees and teaches African Leadership classes in South Africa.  Though he says, "if ever there was an unlikely person, it was me".  Allan is known for his deep knowledge of Scripture and deep conviction of what is call us to do.   Allan and his wife, Lorraine, live in Cape Town.